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I believe that quality education lies at the very epicenter of the majority of the problems that we face. When focusing on sustainable development initiatives, delivering quality education can make a long term impact on a community. With experience working at organisations such as the United Nations, Plan International, Justice Mission and VSO International, I thought of starting an initiative that focused on what I believe to be one of the most important deliverables for creating impact, education. IGEA has started work in my home country of Ghana and has a vision to build a network of beneficiaries all across the continent of Africa. 

Quality education has an undeniable impact and as a university student, I see that all around me. Going through education puts a person in an environment that is constantly bustling with ideas and opportunities for growth. In a global era where technological innovation is outpacing the humans, there needs to be an added effort to make sure every individual is up to speed and no one is left behind. Education is our arsenal and we must work towards making it accessible to the entire population, rather than just the privileged proportion. IGEA is working towards making the lives of girls in rural Africa, starting from Ghana, as easy as we have it. 

The current youth are the future. They decide which path humanity chooses and therefore, investing in them, their skills, their knowledge, and their opportunities will always prove to have long term benefits. I have been a development practitioner for over 12 years with experience in international development. I have been close to many of today’s development issues and have analysed them from afar. The one thing that I always stand-by is quality education. It will solve micro issues such as happiness and wellbeing of individuals in a community along with macro issues such as stagnant economic growth. 

Sarah Boateng


Tanya Mathur

Co - Founder


Project Manager, Ghana

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