A Project Based System 

When we talk about barriers to education, there are numerous physical as well as mental blocks obstructing the path of a girl. We want to be certain to provide efficient and meaningful impact. This means tackling one barrier at a time. 

The first barrier that we are working to dissolve is menstruation and the lack of sanitary care in rural Africa. 

Follow the story of our first project, Mesturate and Educate and the trial run held in Bolgatanga, Ghana

The Problem 

Location: Rural areas in Africa   Demographic: Young girls and women 

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No one is actively addressing the issue of the lack of a female sanitation 

Young girls do not have access to menstrual care or education 

They often use cassava leaves or random pieces of cloth

They are also at risk of catching infections affecting their reproductive organs

Girls fall victim to myths and taboos that affect their general wellbeing 

The Solution 

Location: Rural areas in Africa   Demographic: Young girls and women 

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 A pair of knickers

3 reusable, biodegradable sanitary napkins 

The IGEA Kit will provide a young girl with menstrual comfort for up to 2 years 

And it costs            10




Very expensive: Not a long term solution for our beneficiaries

Environmentally safe: made of biodegradable materials such as cotton 

Unsafe: Sanitary napkins are thrown behind their house, attracting bacteria and creating diseases

Cheap: It costs only 10 pounds and is a one time buy

Environmental Risk: Take about 500 - 600 years to degrade

Our Trial Run 

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Location : Bolgatanga, Ghana     Time: October 2019

Our Founder Sarah was in Ghana for a month distributing the IGEA bag and conducting workshops for 100 girls 

" I could not really speak about periods in my house because of my dad and brother. My mother would buy me pads a couple of times a year because they are expensive. Sarah has taught a lot about periods and I won't even have to bother my mother for pads. I feel very confident. "

- Mary, 14 years old 

Click on our DONATE button to adopt a girl and provide her with menstrual comfort for 2 years. It will only cost you today’s coffee. 

Our pads are supplied by Project Baala